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Location Commodity Quality Quantity  
Tracy, CA Alfalfa Good 525.0 Ton Detail
Stockton CA Alfalfa Good 500.0 Ton Detail
Stockton, CA Alfalfa Good 525.0 Ton Detail
Tracy, CA Alfalfa Good 21.0 Ton Detail
Tracy, CA Alfalfa Premium 45.0 Ton Detail

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At Online Ag Commodities, we prioritize your data's security and privacy. Our advanced encryption and authentication protocols safeguard your information, creating a secure trading environment. With regular security audits, you can trust that your transactions are protected, giving you peace of mind in the agricultural commodities market.

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Our user-friendly app caters to both beginners and experienced buyers and sellers. With an intuitive interface and streamlined navigation, Online Ag Commodities makes managing transactions effortless. Access real-time market data, analysis, and customizable alerts on-the-go. Experience seamless buying and selling with Online Ag Commodities.


As a bonded platform, Online Ag Commodities provides financial security for users. Backed by a reputable surety bond provider, we guarantee the fulfillment of our contractual obligations. This added protection instills confidence, ensuring a worry-free experience.


John Schultz


Since I started using this site, I’ve been able to easily locate the highest quality feed at the most reasonable prices. As a dairy manager, this has made a world of difference. I highly recommend this to fellow dairies looking to improve their feed sourcing process.

Sarah Johnson


I used to spend hours searching for the right alfalfa for my livestock. Now, with this app, I can easily find what I need and get it delivered right to my farm. It’s a game changer!

Mark Davis


Since I started using this tool, I've been able to connect with buyers from all over the country. The platform makes it incredibly easy for me to list my product and reach a wider audience than I ever thought possible. It's made a huge difference for my business and has allowed me to increase sales and profits. I highly recommend this tool to other feed sellers looking to expand their reach and connect with buyers outside of their local area.

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